Concepts, Methods and Techniques in
Political Science, Public Policy
and International Relations

Summer School

Our experienced team will help you have a smooth and productive visit, assisting with every aspect of your time in São Paulo.

Márcia Staaks,
Department of Political Science, University of São Paulo

Márcia Staaks is the Head Secretary of the Department of Political Science. She has been on staff in the department since 1992. Her responsibilities include the coordination of the department’s staff, the supervision and completion of all administrative and financial tasks, as well as the support for the department’s events.  She has helped to coordinate the IPSA Summer School since 2010.

Camilo Flamarion,
Síntese Eventos

Camilo Flamarion is the founder and Executive Director of Síntese Eventos. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in the management and organization of scientific events. His professional trajectory is focused on promoting the exchange of knowledge. Síntese Eventos has assisted the IPSA-USP Summer School event management since 2015.

Ana Maria Machado,
Síntese Eventos

Ana Maria Machado is the Event Supervisor at Síntese Eventos. Since 2016 she has been responsible for managing ground transportation logistics arrangements for the foreign instructors. During the School she is a staff member at the IPSA-USP registration office responsible for all support to students.