Concepts, Methods and Techniques in
Political Science, Public Policy
and International Relations

IPSA-USP Summer School Poster Exhibition

Each year the IPSA-USP Summer School provides an opportunity for students to share their research projects with students and instructors through a dedicated Poster Exhibition. The posters will be on display throughout the Summer School and a prize committee will judge the best posters and provide feedback to students in a dedicated session during the final week of the Summer School. The prize for the winners will be an exemption from course fees for the 2021 IPSA-USP Summer School!

Posters must be printed and be a maximum size of 0,8 m X 1,4 m. The poster should include a title, the author’s name and institutional affiliation, the study’s research question, the working argument (and any relevant hypotheses), the research method(s), any findings (preliminary or expected), and the contribution of the study to future research. The poster should be presented to the Summer School Secretariat on Monday, January 14, 2020, or if you arrive later, upon arrival.

Start preparing your poster now so you too can share your research with the Summer School community!