A Local Organizing Committee comprised of faculty members is responsible for coordinating, evaluating, monitoring, and recommending the curriculum of the IPSA-USP Summer School in Concepts and Methods in Political Science and International Relations.  The Local Organizing Committee members are: Lorena Barberia (Chair), Glauco Peres da Silva and Jonathan Phillips. 

The School also has an Institutional Advisory Committee, which provides the institutional support for the Summer School within USP and whose member are senior faculty with longtime affiliations to the School and the chair of the local organizing committee.  The members are: Eduardo Marques (Chair, University of São Paulo), Dirk Berg-Schlosser (University of Marburg), Lorena Barberia (University of São Paulo), Guy D. Whitten (Texas A&M University) and Bruno Cautrès (Sciences Po). 

The faculty who teach in the IPSA-USP Summer School represent the very best professorial talent providing courses in a broad range of qualitative and quantitative social science methods. In addition to being leaders in their field, the instructors are extremely able teachers. 

The IPSA-USP Summer School also counts on the support of teaching fellows courses. The teaching fellows are advanced doctoral and post-doctoral students with advanced methods training and English fluency.

We are also thankful to count on the staff of the Department of Political Science at USP who provide administrative support aiding in the successful operation of the Summer School.