Clifford Young, IPSOS-Washington

Clifford Young is Managing Director Ipsos’ Public Sector and Polling in the US and leads its global elections and polling risk practice.  His specialties include social and public opinion trends, crisis management, communications research, and election polling. He also currently oversees Ipsos’ US presidential election polling for Thomson Reuters, and is the spokesperson for Ipsos Public Affairs in the US. Cliff is considered an expert on polling in emerging markets, as well as polling in adverse and hostile conditions. Before coming to Ipsos Public Affairs North America, he was Managing Director of Ipsos Public Affairs Brazil where he started the practice for Ipsos. Cliff has polled on over 80 elections around the world. He is a frequent writer, analyst, and commentator on elections, electoral polling, and public opinion. In the 2019 Summer School, Professor Young is teaching a course on predicting elections.