Carsten Schneider, Central European University, Budapest

Carsten Q. Schneider is Head of the Department of Political Science at Central European University, Budapest. His research focuses on regime transitions, the consolidation and qualities of democracy, and measuring political regimes. His book The Consolidation of Democracy in Europe and Latin America has been published with Routledge in 2009. His second field of interest consists in methodology, especially set-theoretic methods, with a focus on Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). He has published in Sociological Methods and Research, European Journal of Political Research, Political Research Quarterly, Socio-Economic Review, and other journal. His book Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Science, co-authored with Claudius Wagemann, has been published with Cambridge University Press in 2012. Over the past decade, Professor Schneider conducted workshops and seminars on methodology in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, United Kingdom, and the United States.