Survey Research Analysis

Bruno Cautrès, Sciences Po


Surveys and public opinion polls are important sources of data, particularly for research on political behavior and preferences. This is the second course in a series on Survey Research aimed at providing these important tools. This course focuses on the analysis of existing survey data and reporting of results. The course will cover data cleaning and coding, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, data reduction techniques, multivariate regression of linear, binary, and categorical data, and measurement error and other sources of bias. The course will also cover the presentation of survey data through graphics and reports. By the end of the course, students will be able to take raw survey output through the process of creating presentation quality reports and graphics. This course is valuable for any researcher working with survey or public opinion data that wants an introduction to methods of survey analysis.  


This course runs January 20-24,2020.



Day 1 – Data Processing and Reduction

Day 2 – Multivariate models of survey data

Day 3 – Dealing with non-response

Day 4 – Measurement error and sources of bias

Day 5 – Data presentation and visualization


A background in statistics and multiple regression is strongly suggested.