Foundation Module:
January 6-10



Module 1
January 13-17
Module 2
January 20-24
Module 3
January 28 - February 1
FOUNDATION COURSE: Mathematics for Social Scientists 1. Comparative Historical Analyses Comparative Historical Analysis Process-Tracing Using Process-Tracing
  2. Comparative Research with Interviews and Ethnography Designing Comparative Research Interviewing and Multi-Methods Research Ethnography and Comparative Qualitative Methods
  3. Causal Inference and Experiments  Causal Inference and Field Experiments Survey Experiments Making Causal Critiques
  4. Time Series Cross-Sectional Data Analysis Essentials of Time Series Analysis for Time Series Cross-Section Analyses Fundamentals of Time Series Cross-Section Analyses Advanced Time Series Cross-Section Analyses
  5. Multi-Method Research Essentials of Regression Analysis Multi-Method Research: Regression and Case Studies Multi-Method Research: Extensions
  6. Modeling and Analyzing Public Opinion Survey Design Survey Analysis Comparative Survey Analyses

7. Normative Political Theory and Political Philosophy 

Methods and Problems in Political Philosophy