Registration is availabe between June 1st and October 10th 2019.

To apply for the IPSA-USP 2020 São Paulo Summer School

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What is the official language of the 2020 São Paulo IPSA-USP Summer School?

All IPSA-USP Summer School courses, lectures and workshops will be taught in English without simultaneous translation.

What is the target audience for the Summer School?

The target audience is high-potential, upper-level scholars of political science, international relations, and related disciplines. Preference will be given to current faculty members, post-doctoral and doctoral students. Truly exceptional master students of those same areas will also be considered. The acceptance of candidates for the Summer School will depend on methods knowledge, as well as availability in the specific course.

Where will the classes be taught?

Classrooms and labs will be held at FFLCH (Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas - School of Philosophy, Letters and Humanities). The departments of FFLCH are located in two buildings: Av. Professor Luciano Gualberto, 315 (Philosophy and Social Sciences Building) and Av. Professor Luciano Gualberto, 403 (Linguistics and Letters Building). 

I am a foreign student. Do I need a visa to enter Brazil?

Most citizens of Latin American origin will not need visas to travel to Brazil. However, Brazil does require visas of some foreign nationals. Please call your local Brazilian consulate to verify your status before traveling.