I have never been to a IPSA-USP Summer School. How do I apply?

If you are a new student of the IPSA-USP Summer School, you must apply online submitting a letter of interest and CV. To begin your application, please click on the link to begin your online application ( The online application will assist you in creating a username, password, as well as in completing your application profile.   Please note that we recommend uploading PDFs of CVs and letters of interest using standard PDF preparation software such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during the application process, please contact


What information is required on the application?

The online application requires applicants to provide biographical and contact information, as well as indicate their top two course preferences for each module (e.g. "1" is the most preferred course and "2" is the least preferred one). Applicants will also have to upload a statement of interest.

When I try to create a user id on the online application system, the follow message appears: “This e-mail address is already registered in the system”. What can I do?

If you had already created an account for the last IPSA-USP Summer School, you must use the same username and password. If you do not remember them, please click on the bottom of the page to request a new password. You will receive a message with a code that will allow you to reset your password. You must click on the link and register a new password on the webpage that is opened by the system. After registering the new password, please login again. Please remember to copy and paste your new password, since in some cases your computer may be automatically filling in the blank with the old password. Please note that the code which will be emailed to you to allow you to reset your password may be used only once. If you lose or are not certain about your password, you must repeat the procedure outlined above.

What admissions criteria does the IPSA-USP Summer School use?

The IPSA-USP Summer School will admit candidates based on an evaluation of their prior methods training and qualifications, as well as course availability. Students who have not completed the course prerequisites for a course will not be admitted. 

I have already submitted the application form. What is the next step?

After submitting the online application form, applicants will receive a confirmation email that will include a username (which is the registration number). Please make note of your registration number and password since they will be used to access information and course materials throughout the Summer School.

I received a confirmation e-mail of my application. What is the next step?

Applicants will receive a response to their application to the Summer School by October 10th. The next step is for the accepted applicant to confirm course enrollment. To confirm course enrollment, applicants must pay the registration fee by midnight GMT on November 10th.  In general, we recommend that users outside Brazil use Paypal and those in Brazil use Pagseguro.  You must register as a user of these services in order to use them.  To pay the registration fee, please access the registration fee page of the IPSA-USP Summer School website:   Please click on the specific button for the type of course and make sure the time period is correct for the type of course for which you are making a payment. Once you click on the specific button, you will be routed to a new page that will guide you through the payment process on a new page belonging to Paypal (Outside Brazil) or Pagseguro (Inside Brazil). Please note that for those students who do not pay the registration fee on a timely basis, slots will be allocated to those applicants on the wait list.

I haven't received an e-mail confirming that my application has been received. What should I do?

If you by any chance have not received an email, please contact the Summer School via e-mail at