Courses were offered in a variety of quantitative and qualitative fields:

1- Comparative research design and configurational comparative methods (Professor Dirk Berg-Schlosser, Philipps University Marburg)

2- Mixed methods design (Prof. Max Bergman, University of Basel)

3- Comparative survey design (Prof. Bruno Cautrès, Sciences Po, Paris)

4- The experimental approach to political science research (Prof. Rebecca Morton, New York University)

5- Textual analysis (Prof. Rainer Schmidt, Martius Chair of European and German Studies, University of São Paulo; and Prof. Matthias Hastall, University of Augsburg)

6- Multiple regression analysis (Prof. Guy Whitten, Texas A&M University)

7- Qualitative methods and research designs (Prof. Gary Goertz, University of Arizona)

8- Communications and applied research for political and policy stakeholders (Prof. Clifford Young, IPSOS-Washington)